W3 Learn Academy Beta Launched by Crypto Tech Women, a Better Way to Learn Web3

Crypto Tech Women
2 min readNov 2, 2022

Crypto Tech Women Aims to Onboard The Next Million People To Web3 Through Its Education Platform

NEW YORK, NEW YORK., USA — Nov. 2, 2022 — Crypto Tech Women (CTW) has announced the beta launch of its highly anticipated education platform W3 Learn Academy. The platform is a space for the crypto-curious, builders, and creators to learn everything there is to know about web3.

From day zero, CTW has been on a mission to onboard more women and non-binary into the web3 space through educational content, fun experiences, and champions for diversity and inclusion in the Web3 industry.

“It’s critical for us to build an education platform that is inclusive of different skill sets,” said Gianina Skarlett, CEO and founder of CTW. “We are committed to empowering more people, especially minorities, to build and participate in the space. Right now, there is insufficient diversity and representation.”

The brand has been partnering with thought leaders, builders, and corporations within the niche to create masterclasses, courses, and bootcamps.

Traditionally, brands would build out features and content independently however Crypto Tech Women x W3 Learn Academy is building alongside its community. Allowing the community members to vote on features and topics to include in the next phase of their beta.

Upcoming masterclasses include:

  • Finding NFT Project Alpha Signals with Tina Djenge, Co-founder of Alpha Trends.
  • How to Launch Products through digital collectibles (NFTs), Founder of Female Pleasure Society.
  • Blockchain Development with Reach Bootcamp.
  • Understanding Crypto Wallets with Bec Jones, Co-founder of Clutch Wallet.
  • Building Decentralized Sites with Unstoppable Domains.

Within the next five years, Web3 is expected to be a $10 trillion industry. Women have historically been underrepresented in the labor force, particularly in the technology sector. CTW x W3 Learn Academy aims to onboard the next million Web3 users while providing them with the necessary education, resources, and tools to succeed in the Web3 industry.

About Crypto Tech Women (CTW)
CTW, the company behind Crypto Tech Women and W3 Learn Academy, aims to bring the next million people into the Web3 ecosystem while promoting diversity and inclusion. The community-centric brand has provided its 40,000+ community members with fun virtual and in-person events, monthly Web3 masterclasses, mentorship opportunities, career resources, and more.

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