NFTNYC 2022 — Yacht Parties, Mimosas & More!

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3 min readJul 8, 2022

#NFTNYC2022 brought together over 12,000 participants to New York City between June 20–23. Participants ranged from project founders, collectors, artists, builders and all things Web3 enthusiasts.

CTW’s 5 Focus Pillars include Education, Empowerment, Fun Experiences, Exciting Partnerships & Web3 Innovation. We were able to create and deliver on these 5 Pillars during NFTNYC2022 through these three events, let’s have a lookback…

Day 1: NFTNYC x CTW: Pastries & Mimosas 🥂

Tuesday, June 21st, we kicked off the week hosting an intimate brunch with 40 holders in a beautiful location offered by one of our lovely holders. We learned about each other while eating macaroons and sipping mimosas. We had a great time chatting about our passion for the CTW community and web3, and learned we have so many talented holders doing amazing things — lawyers, marketers, engineers, and more.

We encourage everyone to get to know each other better in CTW Discord chat. You may just be blown away just like we were and maybe meet your new web3 BFF!

Day 2 Part 1: The Metaverse Party 💃

Thursday, June 23rd, CTW came together with Crypto Chicks and Alpha Girl Club communities to create an immersive experience for all our community members to attend virtually. It was important for us that even those who could not attend NFT NYC in person could still experience the festivities in some way with us.

Source: Twitter

Participants were able to connect their wallets and get custom NFT descriptions above their avatars, walk through the Metaverse Art Gallery, climb the stairs to the Rooftop to experience the New York Skyline, order Crypto Themed Drinks, find their way to the secret pool and bar, take a selfie with the welcome banner & make a new friend. For many, this was the first time joining a Metaverse experience and they loved it! See for yourself below what it’s like to walk through a Metaverse:

Metaverse NFT Party x Crypto Tech Women x Crypto Chicks x Alpha Girl Club x Manticore Games

Day 2 Part 2 NFTNYC x CTW: The Closing YACHT PARTY 💃

The week ended with a yacht party with over 100 holders in NYC. The evening was filled with art galleries, amazing views, music, dancing, and great conversation.

For the first part of the event, CTW CEO Gigi joined a panel of other artists and builders to discuss NFTs, the importance of art, what to do during a bear market and everyone’s web3 mission.

Once the panel was over, it was time to dance! BLOND:ISH, a female DJ artist from Canada, took the stage at about 930PM. Some of the community stayed on the dance floor while others went around the yacht to experience the art gallery and outdoor decks with NYC skyline views. It was a fun time and the first time for many to get to experience being on a yacht! Everyone enjoyed time with holders & friends during the event. We wrapped up the night a bit over midnight.

Thank you to everyone who joined us either in New York through all the events, online through the Metaverse Party, or even through supporting via Twitter and Discord. We’re so excited for everything that’s to come and future conference experiences. Keep an eye out for what’s next!

That is the end of this recap! Let us know what is your favorite highlight and share the love on Discord and Twitter!



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