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Crypto Tech Women
2 min readMay 2, 2022

Welcome to the Team, Celi!

Please join us in welcoming Celi to the Crypto Tech Women team. She will be the Head of Marketing at CTW. Celi is a passionate Entrepreneurial Growth Marketer with over 10 years of experience in tech-growing brands through performance marketing strategies.

She has worked previously for the world’s largest media agency before starting her own. In addition to owning her own company, she has led marketing for educational products including Matthew Hussey (over 2 million YouTube & NY Best Seller), Experian (FinTech), and even her own marketing academy where she’s trained over a dozen businesswomen.

Celi has been very involved in the women’s education space for the last few years and has spoken on podcasts and communities, most notably Amy Porterfield. Celi is passionate about Web3 because she loves how fast-paced things are, how it brings together the bright, ambitious, and entrepreneurial, and also how it’s created a more equal playing field for women and diverse communities.

Celi has been learning about the Crypto Space since 2019 and got involved with NFTs in 2021. She is a part of a number of women-led projects & enjoys supporting women-led, women-founded projects. She is excited to be joining CTW to grow our brand and help execute our vision for long-term growth, partnerships, and helping deliver maximum value to holders.

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