Learn how to create an ERC-20 token with Billy Campana (Billyjitsu) and W3 Learn Academy

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2 min readOct 14, 2022

W3 Learn Academy is launching a masterclass on how to deploy your own ERC-20 token using Remix

W3 Learn Academy, Oct. 14, 2022 — Billy Campana (Billyjitsu) partners with W3 Learn Academy to create an exclusive masterclass for W3 Learn Academy on how to create their own ERC-20 token. This is a great opportunity for members who want to learn how to create their own fungible tokens and even learn how to airdrop them!


Billyjistu is a web3 developer and a martial arts instructor who can eat a whole Costco pizza in one sitting. He started building EVM Dapps in 2021 after tirelessly waiting for projects to come out. “I’ll make them myself,” said the web3 developer.

As he started his journey into web3, he realize how challenging yet rewarding it was to build. At the time, resources and support for builders were limited, so Billyjitsu decided to create tutorials to help struggling people and onboard more developers into the space.

Since then Billyjitsu has successfully deployed tokens to testnet and created projects that continuously spark his passion for everything crypto. He aims to encourage more creative people to engage in the web3 space and he is pumped to be teaching holders how to create their own tokens.

Create Your Own Token Using Remix masterclass is now live. As a CTW holder, you can sign into W3 Learn Academy to access the material.

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