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7 min readFeb 7, 2022

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The ‘Crypto Tech Women’ project is an NFT collection of 8,888 unique ERC-721 tokens launching on the Ethereum Blockchain. The presale launch will be on February 24th and the public launch will be on February 26. Each NFT represents a unique representation of women of all ethnicities and backgrounds, generated with 14 different traits and 140 different attributes. Sneak Peaks

Our mission is to create an educational structure that supports, guides, and empowers women to learn and succeed in technology. We envision a world where extraordinary women, who may have not had the opportunity otherwise, become part of the web3 revolution.

We stand by two main premises; to empower women who want to become part of the blockchain movement and to help support women from all over the world to become thought leaders in their field. Our mission is breaking the paradigm that only men can succeed in tech. To accomplish these two premises we are empowering women by hosting a series of women-led panel Twitter spaces, focusing on their unique web3 journeys and educating listeners. Additionally, we plan to leverage the power of education by creating an educational platform in which our token holders will have exclusive access.

As the web3 space evolves we are committed to evolving with it, to provide our community and token holders the maximum opportunity to grow in knowledge and real-life experiences. We are excited to continue to reveal more and more details about how we plan to do this, including a metaverse integration in which individuals can interact in a Crypto Tech Women decentralized world.

How was Crypto Tech Women created?

Gianina Skarlett, also known as Gigi in the tech/web3 space, is the founder of Crypto Tech Women. Gigi is a Venezuelan software engineer with 10 years of coding experience. She fully embodies a Crypto Tech Woman.

For the past 3 years, Gigi has advocated for women and minorities to join the tech space through public speeches and an Instagram account she leads, which focuses on educating others about all the opportunities the tech world has to offer.

After learning about NFTs and finishing a solidity course, Gigi joined the web3 space. It was evident to her that the problem she had been advocating for within the tech world was the same problem within the web3 space. This was a massive opportunity for women since in web3 there is a lower barrier to entry- there is a myriad of options to join the space. One can be a collector, artist, community lead, software engineer, blockchain developer; the possibilities are endless, one can expedite financial freedom while making meaningful friendships along the way. Understanding the vast opportunities present, Gigi strove to find a way to become the bridge in helping women join the web3 space. This realization was the conception of Crypto Tech Women — an inclusive community built to encompass the mission and values that women can succeed and excel in tech and web3 through community and education.

Our Mission:

Be part of the change and invest in a project that is devoted to giving back to all the holders no matter their gender, where they’re from, or who they are. To do this CTW are extensively allocating:

  • 4% of the initial mint will go to a “Donation fund” where token holders will decide what charities we will donate to, to further our cause. Our mission is to help grow an ever-expanding women base to join the NFT and Crypto space. Our hope is to enable ample opportunities for all women that are interested, throughout the world, to become a part of the experience.
  • A community fund will be established that will be directed towards supporting creators who want to make valuable contributions to our Crypto Tech Women space. Contributions can be in form of special access to educational and tech-related events, arts, merchandise, Technology, etc. Our primary goal is the ability to support our community.
  • Developing an educational platform with the objective of providing education about the world of web3. We believe education and knowledge is the biggest tool and the best way to give back to our community. We are committed to growing this platform and providing scholarship opportunities to those who may not have the funds to pay for tuition or our NFTs.
  • We are committed to supporting our community members and to do this for our next edition we will be looking within to help support artists and creators that are part of our community.

The Team:

Gianina Skarlett (Gigi)

Gianina Skarlet (Gigi) — Founder, creative director & Lead Developer.

Gigi is originally from Venezuela and was raised in Puerto Rico. If anyone would describe Gigi they would say she’s passionate, driven, caring, lives for feedback, and is hyper-focused on helping others. She has been coding since she was 16 years old and is passionate about helping others develop their full potential through the power of education. Currently works as a software engineer at Forethought Technologies where she was the founding Frontend engineer.

Her mission is to continue to grow and lead the vision of Crypto Tech Women while ensuring the right culture is nurtured within the community. Having the right culture is her top priority and for her, the right culture is one that is inclusive, is one where everyone feels supported, encouraged, listened and cared for. Building longevity for Crypto Tech Women is her main goal. The reason she decided to include an educational platform with the project is that this is how she got started with the tech world and the power of education changed her life and she is hoping to impact others in the same way.

Celi Stücken — Head Of Maketing

Celi is a passionate Entrepreneurial Growth Marketer with over 10 years of experience in tech-growing brands through performance marketing strategies.

She has worked previously for the world’s largest media agency before starting her own. In addition to owning her own company, she has led marketing for educational products including Matthew Hussey (over 2 million YouTube & NY Best Seller), Experian (FinTech), and even her own marketing academy where she’s trained over a dozen businesswomen.

Celi has been learning about the Crypto Space since 2019 and got involved with NFTs in 2021. She is a part of a number of women-led projects & enjoys supporting women-led, women-founded projects. She is excited to be part of CTW to grow our brand and help execute our vision for long-term growth, partnerships, and helping deliver maximum value to holders.

Daniel Dibdin — Public Relations Specialist and Advisor

Daniel is based in Sydney Australia. He works for the Department of Education and Training, NSW Australia. He is a full-time leader and educator as well as a specialist in Public Relations and Marketing. Daniel has worked with over 30+ Crypto and NFT teams including Women and Weapons, Kylin Network, Charged Particles, and is the Co-Founder of AlteredlifeNFT which is an NFT/P2E game being supported by Polygon Studios.

Daniel is a father of three beautiful girls and sees the need to provide our children of the world with equal access to education. Crypto Tech Women helps support the need to provide a structure for not only more developers to help build the blockchain, Web3 movement but also to empower women to become thought leaders in this space. There are many countries and cultures around the world that limit the ability for women to receive equal access to education and development, the decentralized world of NFTs and CTW as a project that helps bridge that gap is a fantastic use case of NFTs and the power of their communities.

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Crypto Tech Women

8,888 unique collectible characters stored in the ETH blockchain and created with a mission to empower, educate and help more women join the web3 space.