Empowering Women’s Health Through digital collectibles in Collaboration with CTW and FPS

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2 min readOct 27, 2022


New York, Oct. 27, 2022 — To cross-promote empowerment and women’s health in their communities, Crypto Tech Women (CTW) collaborates with Female Pleasure Society, the first web3 women’s health brand.

The two female-led Web3 companies are launching an exclusive masterclass on W3 Learn Academy with Vanessa Schaefer, founder of Female Pleasure Society.

Vanessa will teach a masterclass on “How to Launch Products Using Digital Collectibles,” in which you will learn how to build a web3 brand that includes in-real-life (IRL) products! Join Vanessa’s Masterclass as she walks us through her in-person ideation process to mint, product distribution strategy, and building a Web3 brand. You can sign up for the waitlist by going to W3 Learn Academy.

Holders of Crypto Tech Women digital collectibles will be able to attend the masterclass and participate in an exciting giveaway to commemorate this collaboration; more information will be provided once the masterclass is released!

If you do not already own a CTW digital collectible, you can buy one on OpenSea with a credit/debit card or with cryptocurrency.

“As more women join Web3, we want them to feel empowered not only by their careers and passions but also by their bodies and health,” said Gianina Skarlett, CEO and founder of CTW W3 Learn Academy.

“As a founder, my mission is to break taboos around women’s sexuality and female health. The best way to achieve this is through education and community,” said Vanessa Schaefer.

Crypto Tech Women (CTW)

CTW, the company behind Crypto Tech Women and W3 Learn Academy, aims to bring the next million people into the Web3 ecosystem while promoting diversity and inclusion. The community-centric brand has provided its 40,000+ community members with fun virtual and in-person events, monthly Web3 masterclasses, mentorship opportunities, career resources, and more.

About Vanessa Schaefer and Female Pleasure Society

Vanessa Schaefer is the founder of the Female Pleasure Society. Before her endeavor in web3, she was a business consultant at a leading auditing and consulting company in Germany. Currently, she lives in Frankfurt, Germany, with her co-founder and partner, Cornelius. The Female Pleasure Society is web3’s first female health brand, offering free products and voting rights. Our mission is to promote women’s sexual freedom. The NFT will provide you with exclusive member benefits such as a free innovative science-backed natural supplement for well-being, sexual health, and pleasure, as well as voting rights and other valuable long-term utilities. To spread our mission of female health around the world, we will support organizations and communities that support women’s rights.

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