Empowering the Next Generation of Blockchain Talent: Polkadot Blockchain Academy and CTW Offer Full-Ride Scholarships to UC Berkeley

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2 min readApr 3, 2023

ood morning Crypto Tech Women community!

In one of our latest exciting developments, we’re incredibly proud to announce that we’ve recently teamed up with the Polkadot Blockchain Academy to offer our community five full-ride scholarships to attend the Polkadot Blockchain Engineering cohort at UC Berkeley this summer.

For any blockchain engineering enthusiasts, read on to find out more!

Why should I be interested?
The Polkadot Blockchain Academy is one of the leading blockchain education programs in the world, led by experts in their relevant field, the program offers top-notch training and support to developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts looking to break into the blockchain industry. This is your chance to learn from some of the most respected leaders in the industry and gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies.

Are any costs associated?
The scholarship covers all costs of attending the Blockchain Engineering cohort at UC Berkeley this summer, including tuition, accommodation, and travel.

Who should apply?
The scholarship is open to all applicants with a minimum of 1+ years of engineering experience or who know any programming language including HTML, CSS, or any other.

How do I apply?
If you’re an aspiring blockchain engineer looking to start or advance your career in this exciting field, we encourage you to apply by following the links below!

To apply, visit:

To learn more, visit:



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