CTW and Rodeo Partner to Support the Next Wave of Builders in Web3

Crypto Tech Women
2 min readNov 3, 2022

New York, Oct. 28, 2022 — The bear market has not stopped individuals and organizations like Crypto Tech Women (CTW) from spearheading the web3 revolution. CTW, one of the leading NFT projects to onboard more people into the web3 space, announces its partnership with Rodeo.

“We are excited to partner with CTW and W3 Learn Academy to support the next wave of builders,” said Ben Fernandez, CEO, and co-founder of Rodeo. “Through this partnership, CTW members will be able to discover the right tools (and perks!) to build and participate in Web3 using our platform. At Rodeo, we believe the future of crypto lies with the builders — and we’re amazed to see the community CTW has built up enabling web3 for all.”

Rodeo is a crypto tools and rewards discovery platform. In this partnership, CTW members will be able to discover the right tools and perks to build and participate in Web3.

Anyone can view the perks by visiting https://w3learnacademy.xyz/perks but to access the perks, CTW members have to sign in. We are constantly adding new deals and tools, providing continuous value to those who are members of CTW.

“We are very intentional about who we partner with,” said Gianina Skarlett, CEO and founder of CTW. “We prioritize working with organizations that want to empower and give back to the people who are shaping Web3. The synergy between CTW and Rodeo was natural and we are so excited to hear what our members think!”

About Rodeo

Rodeo is the first web3 rewards network that empowers consumers to understand purchase intelligence through crypto cashback. They partner with web3 projects and organizations helping businesses to grow, reach new audiences, and drive incremental sales with its robust integration. Rodeo provides an easy and secure way to reward crypto users. The platform is backed by ConsenSys Mesh, Tachyon, and Protocol Labs.

Crypto Tech Women (CTW)

CTW, the company behind Crypto Tech Women and W3 Learn Academy, aims to bring the next million people into the Web3 ecosystem while promoting diversity and inclusion. The community-centric brand has provided its 40,000+ community members with fun virtual and in-person events, monthly Web3 masterclasses, mentorship opportunities, career resources, and more.

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