Create an NFT project from the scratch with Gianina Skarlett, CEO of Crypto Tech Women, at the Crypto Business Conference.

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2 min readOct 11, 2022


SAN DIEGO, Oct. 9, 2022 — Crypto Tech Women (CTW) is pleased to announce that our CEO and founder, Gianina Skarlett (Gigi), will be speaking at the Crypto Business Conference on Oct. 9–11 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Gigi will be among the world’s top Web3 leaders speaking at the business conference she will be sharing the speaker stage with some of the prominent names in the industry, including Anjali Young Co-founder of Collab.Land; Jeff Kauffman, Founder of Parachute; Travis Wright, Founder of the Sol Shamans NFT project and co-hosts of Bad Crypto Podcast and the Nifty Show; and more industry pioneers.

The event, hosted by Social Media Examiner, aims to onboard more people to Web3 and guides them in the right direction to success.

“It’s inspiring to see more people becoming web3-curious and eager to bring their ideas to Web3,” said Gianina Skarlett. “That is what CTW is all about, empowering people and onboard them into Web3.”

During Gigi’s session, ‘How to Build an NFT Project from Scratch,’ She will help the audience determine if an NFT project is right for them, what characteristics to think about when creating their NFT, how to build a community sustainably, and more. Her presentation was on Oct. 10 at 14:25.

Besides being an entrepreneur, our CEO is an experienced full-stack software engineer who designed our community to empower women to succeed in Web3. Gigi has spoken at industry conferences such as SXSW, NFTLA, and GGF with Eva Longoria. Recently, she was named one of the top NFT Latin American influencers by Forbes.

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