Celebrating our Soldout out Milestone!

Milestone Update

Crypto Tech Women NFT Sales

We onboarded the following communities to CTW

  • Sacred Skulls
  • Eyes of Fashion
  • Crypto Chicks
  • Divine Holders
  • Nudies
  • Women and Weapons
  • Boss Beauties

CTW followed by Paris Hilton on Twitter


Edge Of NFT podcast

Hear it now!

The NFT Podkast AMA

LIVE Interview with Crypto Tech Women #NFT

How did the NFT sale go?

CTW started generating utility for holders almost immediately

First Governance Proposals

What Does The Future Hodl?

  • Merchandise Store.
  • IRL Events for upcoming NFT Events.
  • Special Trait Club Structure and Perks.
  • Panels and interviews we will be participating in.
  • Next round of charity donations.

What else are we working on?

  • Looking for an artist within our community for a secret project
  • Scheduling our speakers for our token holders exclusive mastermind series.
  • Announcing panels and interviews we will be participating in very shortly.
  • Community Wallet proposal structure!
  • Working on our Merch Store where you will be able to upload your CTW and rock her on our merch.

Upcoming Media Features

Connect with us!



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Crypto Tech Women

8,888 unique collectible characters stored in the ETH blockchain and created with a mission to empower, educate and help more women join the web3 space.